Masternode's hrosting platform

Choose, deploy and get notified about your masternodes, simply !

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What do we offer ?

Expand your portfolio of crypto-currencies simply with a secure masternode hosting

Host Full Masternode

Find masternodes, deploy in seconds and monitor them through an easy and advanced monitoring platform.

Safe and Secure

Your investments are safe because your coins don't need to be on our platform. They all time stay in your wallet.



Keep an eye on your masternodes: See your transactions, earnings, in a simple and ergonomic way.

You don't have to trust us with your investments since your coins don't touch our platform. They all time stay in your wallet.

StakeShare Masternode Platform :

Stakeshare is a user-friendly platform to assist users to run a full masternode. Our dashboard will provide you all information about your investment, with intuitive graphs showing details about your daily and monthly rewards for each coin individually.


Access your crypto assets, on any device.

Monitor on the go

Track and manage your portfolio on the go, anywhere and at any time, on your favorite device.

Cold wallet masternode hosting

To assure the best service, we take care of the VPS and masternode installation and maintenance.

24/7 support

Your masternodes are always up and active. We take care of the maintenance 24/7.

How does it work ?

Start a masternode in just 3 easy and quick steps :

  1. 1

    Create your StakeShare account.

    Coming soon

  2. 2

    Choose your masternode.

    Choose your masternode, then create a collateral transaction to a local wallet address.

  3. 3

    Start your masternode !

    Provide us the transaction ID and start your masternode from your local wallet. All is done ! You will able to manage all in StakeShare Platform !

Road Map

The StakeShare roadmap is a summary of our development, which has been organized into 4 eras :

Q1 2021

- Restoration and launch of the platform
- Sharing the new vision of the StakeShare project
- Partnerships and listing
- Inauguration of the platform

Q2 2021

- Improvement and optimization of the platform to meet the expectations of the objectives and the community
- Partnerships and listing
- Introduction of a Monitoring service

Q3 2022

- Integration of cold staking in the blockchain
- Offer updates on the cold staking platform
- Use of cold staking POS and DPOS
- Strengthening visibility and partnerships

Q4 2022

- New objectives to be defined with the communities
- Improvement and optimization of the platform
- Strengthening visibility and partnerships

Do you have any question ?

How do you monitor and maintain my masternode ?

We monitor your masternodes with an automated system to make sure they're always active and running. You'll receive an email from us if there's something wrong with your masternodes.

Where and when will I receive my rewards ?

Your rewards will be sent to your local wallet directly from the blockchain, without going through our platform. Reward times are different for every coin and each coin's reward time can be found on their info page which is accessible from your Dashboard.

Please note that: For most masternodes, first reward time is always 3 times more than the average reward time*. For example if your masternode's reward frequency is 5 hours, then you'll receive your first reward in 3 x 5 = 15 hours.

After the first reward, you'll receive the rest of your rewards every 5 hours.Also note that reward times will increase as the number of nodes in the network grow.

Do I need to send my coins to you ?

No, StakeShare works in a way that doesn't require you to send your coins to us. We will never ask you to send your coins or any files.