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Blockchain: A blockchain is a database that contains the history of all the exchanges made between its users since its creation. This database is secure and distributed.
Cryptocurrency: Cryptoactif, Cryptodevise, is a fully digital currency that can be used on a decentralized computer network. It is based on the principles of cryptography and incorporates transaction issuing and settlement processes.
Consensus: The formal process on which the operation of a Blockchain and / or cryptocurrency is based. (Example: Proof-Of-Work, Proof-Of-Stake)
Staking: Winning method based on consensus Proof-Of-Stake.
Explorer: Explorer or Explorer, is a Logbook of the Blockchain that gathers all the information about it. It presents data such as the number of blocks, the difficulty of the network, as well as the transactions related to the different blocks created.
Whitepaper: Refers to a document containing all the characteristics, objectives and intentions of a cryptographic project.
Collateral: Designates the deposit to be allocated for the establishment of a masternode. This amount varies according to the cryptocurrency concerned.

What is Staking or Proof-Of-Stake (POS) ?

The Proof-Of-Stake is a cryptographic process used as a response to the Proof-Of-Work that is associated with the creation of some cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC). Indeed, the Proof-Of-Work requires powerful computer equipment (RIG Mining) greedy electricity and with a strong negative environmental impact.

The Proof-Of-Stake removes the utility of these physical devices and replaces it with virtual calculations. This builds the Blockchain by being much more respectful and economical.

It works as follows; a random choice is made between users who own and maintain a cryptocurrency. To be part of this selection, the user must prove that he owns this cryptocurrency by keeping it in his wallet. In addition, some concepts affect the choice of priority, such as the wealth and the length of possession of the amount.

The person selected by the algorithm has the option of creating the next block of the chain and receives as a reward a certain amount defined by the characteristics of the blockchain concerned.

The Interest of Community Staking.

Despite its innovative vision, individual staking presents a list of defects that poses some problems for users and does not encourage them to invest in this method.

- Lack of profitability when used individually
- Requires a VPS or at least one computer running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Continuous monitoring of portfolio updates to avoid any loss.
- Problem of activation of the staking itself
- Some cryptocurrencies require a minimum amount to be able to generate a first profit.
- The user must wait a long time before getting a first reward.

Community staking makes it possible to concentrate the portfolio of several users, in a single value in the eyes of the algorithm, in order to obtain a large amount. As a result, the Proof-Of-Stake very often selects the platform and users are very often rewarded, depending on the percentage of participation they have. This also makes it possible to overcome the maintenance and hosting problems mentioned above.

What is the StakeShare System (SSS) ?

The StakeShare System, literally a staking sharing system, is a process of radical improvement of the original staking, also superior to the profitability of a masternode. It was crafted from scratch by the StakeShare team and aims to dramatically improve the winning performance that a coin brings in the long run.

By using masternode technology in a certain way, combined with traditional staking, the StakeShare System manages to generate significant profitability. It locks for this a certain amount of coins decided by the user as a deposit, associated with a certain number of days. Thus, the amount goes into hibernation and remains blocked until the scheduled date, allowing a radical multiplication of the basic amount.

This method is made possible thanks to a limitation of space available for the users on each period, as well as a maximum amount and limit of time defined in advance making the computation of gains perfectly controlled.

In addition to benefiting users more than usual, the StakeShare System blocks each phase a large amount of currency, which increases the interest for all individuals to keep their room and make the project prosper.
Under penalty of a penalty on the forecast of its future income, the user can stop the StakeShare System and recover his bet when he wishes.

Only available as a prototype on the StakeShare coin at the moment, the latter will be a springboard to ensure the reliability of this method in order to perhaps be able to bring it to other currencies in the future.

For more information, refer to the project whitepaper p.2.3

What is masternode and its different names (Instant, Shared, etc.) ?

Masternode: A masternode is a node connected to a network from which transactions are made, but also for the purpose of creating / receiving / transmitting information through software connected to the network 24h / 7d. They can be used to perform specific tasks such as instant sending, mixing parts to support confidentiality, and help stabilize the network.
In exchange for this service, users with masternodes receive dividends in the form of cryptocurrency on a periodic basis defined by the characteristics of the Blockchain.
To obtain a masternode, the user must obtain a significant number of coins, variable according to the cryptocurrency concerned. The collateral so named, where bond, is thus locked and yields dividends. The owner of the node can unlock it at any time, thus recovering its deposit, but will no longer obtain any dividend.
The establishment of a masternode requires some technical knowledge for a neophyte.

Since the masternode reward program has a fixed percentage and the masternode network is fluctuating, the reward for masternodes will vary depending on the number of active masternodes.
Masternodes can be used to offer additional services depending on the project and the asset they can represent on the network.

Hosting Node: The hosted masternode is so named because hosted by a service that offers this feature. The user thus gets his dividends without worrying about the technical aspect of installation and maintenance.

Shared Node: The shared masternode is an alternative to the classic masternode for users who would not have enough investment to get a full masternode. Indeed, some masternodes are quite expensive, therefore it is interesting to be able to constitute one to several and to obtain more important rewards that can not be obtained alone. In this case, the rewards of the given masternode over a given period are divided into percentage according to each user's bet.

Instant Node: The instant masternode is a response to the wait imposed by the network between the time of the installation of the masternode and the moment when the first reward is distributed. This wait is sometimes enough depending on the network. To defeat this parameter, a masternode is installed by the service concerned without anyone being needed.
As a result, when a user sends their own masternode, the service immediately assigns the masternode in place which allows the customer to immediately obtain rewards. The service then installs the new masternode and waits for a new buyer.

How does manage different masternodes ?

The mission of is to offer hosting and sharing of the different existing masternodes, thus providing a quality service to its users and a peace of mind life for life of their investment. However, some parameters apply in order to ensure foolproof stability to the system in place.

- The rewards of all hosted, shared and instant masternodes are directly returned to their owner's accounts on the platform. These awards are automatically submitted to the Staking system of the platform.

- From the moment a shared masternodes is validated and installed, none of the users can withdraw during the first two weeks. The shared masternodes are validated and installed from the moment the collateral concerned is reached. In the meantime, the different amounts are in Proof-Of-Stake.

If a user decides to withdraw their bet from the shared masternode, the masternode is dissolved and the amount of each participant is set Staking pending the deposit of a next participant.

- All hosted, instant and shared masternodes accepted are those of cryptocurrency present on the platform. If you want to host or make a shared masternode from a currency not listed, you can request this currency, either by the form of adding a part, by the voting form, or by contacting the team directly. by email to the following address: or through the various social networks.

Special case of hosting or sharing a masternode of a Proof-Of-Work room. This one is necessarily missing from the platform. Please contact the team by email at the following address:

- All hosted, instantaneous and shared masternodes of a crypto currency whose daily profitability is less than $ 0.50 will be subject to fees, the percentage of which will depend on the daily price of the coin. This percentage is directly applied to each reward.

This percentage works in such a way as to guarantee sufficient investment for the various servers made available to the platform. A currency with a daily profitability of $ 0.25 will be charged a percentage of 5%, etc.

Daily Rentability ($)

Percentage Of Fees (%)













An intermediate profitability currency always incurs higher-tier fees.
Example: $ 0.11 to 10% fee

The daily profitability of the masternodes of a given currency is cumulative.
Example: 5 Masternode at $ 0.03 each is considered $ 0.15, so the user is charged at 2.5%

You can know the daily profitability of a particular masternode by consulting one of the many available masternode tracking sites.
(MasterNodes.Pro,, etc.)

What is two-factor authentication - 2FA ?

The two-step verification ensures the authenticity of the person behind an account by only allowing authentication to the account after presenting two separate pieces of identification. In general, a one-time code must be entered in addition to the usual password of the user.

The most famous applications offering this service are; Google Authenticator and Authenticator Plus

Loss case of 2FA !

If you are unable to access your authentication code for more than one reason, you can contact support by email, which will reset this security.
This exceptional step will be established after a thorough examination of your identity until perfect verification that you are the owner of the account.

How to add a new cryptocurrency on ?

You can use our add part form on the main page of the site or submit your piece to the vote of users. Regarding direct addition, certain fees apply. (See listing page)
You will find the functioning of the voting system in the section provided for this purpose.

Regarding deposits.

All deposits are validated automatically. Make sure to select the correct cryptocurrency and send your funds to the address indicated by the platform. Your amount will arrive directly to your user account. will not be responsible in case of error sending to another address than indicated.
If you happen to make this mistake, please use all your available means to find the recipient in question, such as the Blockchain explorer.

Regarding withdrawals.

All withdrawals are validated semi-automatically. Take care to give the correct address of withdrawals. There is unfortunately no way to stop this action from the moment you click on the confirmation of withdrawal. will not be liable for any errors related to this and unfortunately is not able to recover or locate the amount involved. If you happen to make this mistake, please use all your available means to find the recipient in question, such as the Blockchain explorer.
During a withdrawal, the fees related to the platform apply. (What are the fees on
Semi-automatic is a quick validation of administrators to validate your withdrawal. This validation is a human security action in order to prevent fraudulent withdrawal or stealing of wallets.

Regarding the internal exchange.

The internal exchange is designated in this term to correspond to the idea of ​​a permutation between the different currencies of the platform. This allows greater freedom of investment to users. It is only accessible to the VIP Member.
The amount of exchange between the different currencies is based on the CryptoBridge decentralized market prices (For currencies absent from this market, it is based on their preferred market)
Each exchange between the different currencies is billed at 2.5% to the user's account. These fees are levied in SSX.

Regarding the "VIP Member" status.

You will find access to this status in your user profile.
VIP member, symbolizes the fact that you are now a priority user of the platform. This comes with benefits that the typical user does not have.
The amount of SSX coins required to access this status will be accumulated and used for charitable purposes.

Regarding the "Bug Bounty".

If you are connoisseurs and can detect one or more technical problems especially on the entire platform. You can talk about it and come up with a solution to this problem. In this way, if the team validates your solution, you will be paid SSX in the amount of the problem identified. The aspect of writing, aesthetics where any other "non-technical" factor will not be taken into account.
You will find the relevant form in the "Bonus Program" tab of the platform.

Regarding Affiliation.

You will find your personal affiliate link on your profile page. If a person signs up on with this link and checks his email, you will receive 20% of the fee amount for each of his withdrawals. They will be credited directly to your staking balance.

What makes sure that my crypto currencies are safe ?

The team is governed by the official character in force regarding the rights of the user who uses the platform. Any fraud, theft of digital assets, in any form whatsoever, whose origin would designate the project team will be subject to the penalties provided for this purpose; refer to the general conditions of use p.6.
You will find information about the project team in the About page. introduces semi-automatic removal and the 2FA system for the protection of its users. These two protections make it virtually impossible for a robbery or violation of the wallets containing the crypto assets by malicious individuals.
In the event that one of the individuals manages to thwart the security of the platform by any means whatsoever, declines any possible refund and ensures that users are fully aware of the risks incurred by depositing their investments on the platform; refer to the general conditions of use p.6. And p.8.

What are the fees on ? takes 2.5% of the amount of all withdrawals made on the platform.

This percentage is downgraded for VIP users of the platform. 1%

The 0% is accessible to all. See the VIP Room page.

No other fees apply in any other way except the internal exchange and some masternodes. (See "How Handles Different Masternodes ?")

Where to contact you ?

You can write to us at the following address:
Or contact us on our various social networks.