Price: 0.0020$ - 0.00 BTC
    Masternode ROI
    Required Coins
  • KYD
    Price: 0.0200$ - 0.00 BTC
    Masternode ROI
    Required Coins
  • LRM
    Price: 0.0997$ - 0.0000 BTC
    Masternode ROI
    Required Coins
  • PRTX
    Price: 0.0007$ - 0.0000 BTC
    Masternode ROI
    Required Coins
  • SSX
    Price: 0.0101$ - 0.0000 BTC
    Masternode ROI
    Required Coins
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Community Staking

Say goodbye to the different issues of individual staking. Community Staking allows you to run the Proof-Of-Stake consensus quickly, easily and quickly, and optimize your income daily and automatically!

Masternode Hosting

Save time and delegate your masternodes. Thanks to the ultra-fast installation system, StakeShare offers you unequaled operating comfort ! We offer all the ways to exploit ; Hosting Node, Instant Node and Shared Node.

Cryptocurrency Swap

An innovative currency swapping system built into the platform will give you the opportunity to trade your currencies directly without going through a classic exchange ! Practical and effective, your investments will be diversified in one click.

Always Available

StakeShare.org support is available 24/7, open a ticket today, we are here to help. We provide maintenance and availability in perpetuity.

StakeShare System

Enjoy a new operating system of the "SSX" coin to increase your income ! Thanks to this prototype, our motto is pioneer, your earnings surpass that of a classic masternode and traditional staking.

Desertification Fee

The cheapest on the market ! Only 2.5% fee on our staking and masternodes services ! You have the opportunity to become a very active member of the StakeShare community and get many benefits that will make your investments even more relevant !

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